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Review of Light by Michael Grant

Light  - Michael  Grant

Aaah I really didn't want to pick up this book, as with any final book in any series you know characters you have come to love will likely perish and that you won't ever be able to read about them again. However I picked up this book as the journey made all the way back from Gone was thrill ride of emotions and this book certainly delivered. It only took around 200 pages to jump straight into the action we love in Michael Grants books. This book did make me feel ready as deaths in finales are pretty much a given. The ending in my opinion was really the best way to end it. When I finished the book I felt like a part of me was left behind in the fayz with these characters that I had grew to love and care for so I'm annoyed there will most likely not be another in the series but the series itself is worth many re-reads as it is great!