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Review of The Fault in our Stars by John Green

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

I feel like words can never truly describe this book and the feelings it evoked in me. I think this review is going to be short as I wont be able to do the book true justice. This book made me a crying, laughing and joyful wreck through out and I feel that everyone needs to read this book so that they can feel what books truly are. ( God that was cheesy) but yes I already made all my friends read it and its spreading through out , this book without a doubt will go down in history as the book which created the most tears. Im going to leave you with a quote within the book which sums up how I feel.

Review of Divergent by Veronica Roth

Divergent  - Veronica Roth

I was very adamant to start reading this book because like many of this time it was branded as "the next hunger games"! I mean for Pete's sake why does a series have to be compared to an older series which may vaguely resemble the book. Once I had got over the annoyance of the sticker on the front proclaiming it as the next HG, I quickly devoured the book. In just two sittings I had read the book cover to cover and the first thing I would like to say is , this book is miles away from HG in similarities. Ok we have the whole dystopian thing but that's where the comparisons end. Divergent follows the life of Tris as she lives her life through an action packed troubled and tough life in a world where its fend for you self to stay in your faction. This book had so much action and awesomeness, also one thing I loved about this book was that Tris was not like many female leads in which she requires a male counterpart to stabilise her to change. She decides things for herself and is very much independent which I like in a character. However you do have an obvious love interest in the form of Four. The secret surrounding him I felt was overly obvious even before it was revealed. 
Anyway going on a tangent , I loved this book as much HG maybe even more and I cant wait for the sequel and trequel ( a word I created for the third instalment) 

Review of Light by Michael Grant

Light  - Michael  Grant

Aaah I really didn't want to pick up this book, as with any final book in any series you know characters you have come to love will likely perish and that you won't ever be able to read about them again. However I picked up this book as the journey made all the way back from Gone was thrill ride of emotions and this book certainly delivered. It only took around 200 pages to jump straight into the action we love in Michael Grants books. This book did make me feel ready as deaths in finales are pretty much a given. The ending in my opinion was really the best way to end it. When I finished the book I felt like a part of me was left behind in the fayz with these characters that I had grew to love and care for so I'm annoyed there will most likely not be another in the series but the series itself is worth many re-reads as it is great!

Review of City of Glass

City of Glass  - Cassandra Clare

Where do I start with this book. Wow! From start to finish it was one long thrill ride. Unlike City of Ashes, CoG was action through and through. You weren't left waiting for the next demon attack or sudden revelation as they were non-stop. Another thing which I liked about this book was the resolution of Malec , finally he did it and the plot will stop diverting to Alec complaining about Magnus and life. Of course Cassandra Clare originally intended for this series to be a trilogy as opposed to a hexology (lol big word, if its a word ) so I did go into this book expecting things to be answered and they were. I do feel that it could of just ended with this book as the action was enough. 
However something with this book that annoyed me was the obviousness at times of what was going to come but yeah. I love Cassandra Clares work and hope to read CoFA soon.